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Morten Storm writes: "Important!"

From a book I am currently reading about the Muslim Brotherhood, their scholars and their approach to conquer the World. Please do yourself a favor and read this!

Here is a few quotes:
A) "In In Order to March Forward in the Path of the Blessed Jihad"

Said Hawwa says that Islam is the only completely integrative framework for the world. Islam is the only order which commits all humanity and the only religion. Anyone learning of the existence of Islam and not accepting it will be damned. The Christians and the Jews who hear of Islam are also obliged to follow it. Islam is a political, economic, social and moral organization. No exception can be made regarding any of its aspects.Anyone calling for the isolation of Islam from political action is calling for its neutralization. For that reason, any organization not accepting the totality of Islam have becomes its enemy. Muslims are duty-bound to bring about the victory of Islam so that Allah's word may be supreme. Anyone fighting for that cause is fighting for Allah.

The official state religion and president must be Muslim and they, not the infidels, must rule. Islam has given mankind a choice between war and Islam, or the payment of jizya, a tax on able-bodied males. The duty of Islam is to glorify Allah on earth. Allah has given the Muslims the right to fight and kill, and killing an infidel is right and just, for the reign of the Muslims over the world is in the interest of the world itself. The Islamic group is truth, and when it takes over the world it will impose perfect justice. There is no escape from accepting Islam as the state religion, there is no room for heresy in the Islamic state, and political freedom exists only with Muslims and according to agreements entered into with them. The Muslim also has political freedom only within the framework of Islam. Those conditions are essential for the renewal of the Islamic nation. Every Muslim must know that the Islamic group pays attention to local and international public opinion, and takes the situation into account but operates without fear within jihad. The balance of power has no importance in the struggle to reinstate Islamic power, as a small group will overcome a larger group, Allah willing, as Allah is with the patient. Allah must be relied upon but one must be well prepared for the campaign as "power is in the ability to shoot." The love of death for the sake of Allah cannot be denied, but effort must be invested in training, exercise, rule and order, planning and research. They are necessary but one must rely on Allah. An Islamic state must be established, there must be an Islamic group with an Imam and there can be no deviation. The Muslims gave up their heritage and thus lost their deterrence and were humiliated by their love of this world and their hatred of death (the hadith of Abu Daud). Hawwa says the Messenger used war and trickery, and regarding non-Muslims, flexibility means the ability and determination to lie, deceive and kill. One must fight only to glorify Allah's name, and anyone who does is acting for Allah."

[Source: Hawwa, In Order to March Forward," pp. 15, 16, 20, 23, 24, 27, 29-31, 36, 41]

B) Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi65 is one of the most prominent contemporary religious authorities affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood. 
He based his 1987 book Islam and Secularism Face to Face (Al-Islam wa al-Ilmaniyyah wajhan li wajh)66 on Islam's primary sources (the Qur'an, the hadiths and Al-sira al-nabawiyya [Muhammad's biography]), which he regarded as illustrating a model period of consensus. He preaches emulating and implementing those lessons to restore power globally to Muslims, as it was in the past. In his view, Islam's next target should be Europe, which will be "liberated" in the near future without battle by the Muslims living there and with the help of the da'wah, part of Islam's expected takeover of the world. In his lectures he calls on the Arabs to obtain nuclear weapons to instill fear in the hearts of the enemies of Islam, but not to actually use them.

[Source: According to Memri (the Middle East Media Research Institute): Qatar TV, October 18th 2002]

C) The Four Operative Stages of Amassing Power and Using
Force (jihad) and Deterrence

The First Stage (Micro-Power): Da'wah and Secrecy, the Defensive Approach of Response and Restraint
1) The founding of hard cores and the use of violence should only come as a response: the enemy talks to Muslims only when Muslims become stronger.
2) Take a defensive, preventive approach of avoidance and ensure the security of the community, migrating if necessary to alternative bases.
3) Regarding espionage and impersonation, covert operatives, directed by the commanders, are to be planted within organizations hostile to Islam operating covertly, concealing their Islam and pretending to belong to the jahiliyya. A Muslim can operate in the service of organizations hostile to Islam only if he is under a direct existential threat requiring him to assume the position of an infidel.
4) Manage a secret organization: secret meetings of the commanders and soldiers must be held to prevent exposure to the enemy. An unlikely place should be selected,not identified with Muslims or even hostile to them (dar al-arqam).
5) Psychological warfare should be used to mislead and deceive the enemy as part of the political cover for Islamic jihad. In war the enemy is to be weakened as much as possible, his violent is to be defused and his ranks are to be collapsed while neutralizing those who can be neutralized.

The Second Stage (Micro-Power): Immigration and the Establishment of the Islamic State, a Defensive Approach of the Use of Force and Manipulation to Preserve the Status Quo:

1) It is the leadership's responsibility to determine the time for fighting and the birth of the Islamic state according to the circumstances on the ground. On Judgment Day the leader will be asked to explain the shedding of every drop of blood.
2) Lulls in the fighting (hudnas) with non-Muslims are partial and based on selfinterest only.
3) Preparing alternative bases for immigration is part of the Islamic movement's jihad fighting strategy.
4) The right to fight is reserved for the period, after the values of jihad and war have been properly constructed. Only after the Muslim internalizes Islam and its values may he be called to jihad. Because of attacks, prosecutions, exile and the attempt to
turn believers away from Islam, Allah has permitted Muslims to fight oppression (At this stage referring to the defensive approach)
5) The war is total, but entering into it requires preparation and restraint.
6) In conducting a dialogue with adversaries, select skilled negotiators with manipulative abilities.
7) Conduct covert activities (See above).
8) A propaganda war (harb I’alamiya) should be waged.
9) Exploit license to lie, mislead and deceive,as one of the principles of dealing with an enemy when it is in one's interests to pretend he is a friend, as (al-adu alsadeeq) in dire times there is no choice but to lie.

The Third Stage (Macro-Power) in Establishing an Islamic State: the Move from Defensive to Offensive Action:

1) Protect Islam's deliberately aggressive and deterrent 
eputation a Muslim does not promise or threaten without keeping his promises or making good on his threats, as his words would then lose their effectiveness, and if defeated in 
attle, the great reputation the Muslim won through victory would then deteriorate. The enemy's plans must be confronted before they are executed, they must be struck down at the planning stage.
2) The use of force is Allah's commandment and will Islamic victory and the fate of the campaign are ensured and will be obtained by faith according to divine will and aid.The objective at this stage is to make the religion of truth victorious and defeat the rule of lies.
3) Infidels must be fought until they say there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his Messenger. If they do, their blood and property will be saved, according to Islamic decree. Salvation from death comes through acceptance of Islam.Thus the
defensive stage ends and the offensive stage begins, in which Islam is spread throughout the land and takes root, as the Messenger said, "We will now raid them and not they raid us." 
4) Continued fighting and jihad must be waged until judgment day to implement Islam worldwide the transition between two periods in Islamic history, between that of patience, restraint, convergence and waiting, and that of force, movement, initiative and breakthrough. One must not wait for the material balance of force but rather rely on the superiority of faith in Allah. All wars, raids and heresy against Islam occur only after the Islamic state is established. The end of each round means preparing for the next round. Jihad will continue until judgment day.
5) The hudna is temporary: all relationships and alliances with non-Muslims are temporary and self-serving, achieved to concentrate power and attack a specific enemy.
6) The Islamic leadership has the authority to bear the burden of resolutions and conflict.
7) The deliberate raid is defensive and also a deterrent, as there is need to strike those raising their heads against Muslims through raid (ghazwa), a deliberate deterrent, aggressive counter-attack. Its objective is to deter tangential opponents or
potential support for the adversary; a declaration of war and attack are the strongest possible defenses.
8) The balance of power in the campaign is unimportant.
9) An Islamic enclave must be maintained near the enemy as a base for launching an attack.The infidels are to be harassed and their governments undermined, and the land under their feet must tremble. That is possible only when the movement has a safe area from which to deploy its fighters and attack the enemy's center of power. As soon as the enemy is attacked its army headquarters and intelligence services will be put on alert to deflect the Islamic blow. The blow must be as painful as an earthquake, and then terror will enter the enemy's heart, deterring him and/or bringing down the infidel government and causing its allies to flee. The use of force against the Jews
deters others.
10) Targeted killings intimidate the enemy and raise Muslim morale.Their effect is great and spreads terror throughout the enemy's ranks. The targeted killing of enemy leaders results in victory for Allah and His Messenger. The Jews and those
opposing Muhammad and Islam are worthy targets for targeted killings, for which professional assassins must be chosen.
11) The enemy's army commanders are to be eliminated at an early stage, either close to his country or in the heart of his fortress.That will add to the Muslims' deterrent power.
12) Proper preparation for war:120 spies are to be used, debriefed directly, information on targets is to be obtained independently and the opposition is to be misled. A logistical evaluation of the adversary's force, the scope of his power and his possessions which can be plundered must be determined.
13) Food tactics are surprise, suspicion, response and pretense: the enemy must be surprised to obviate even the thought of raiding an Islamic territory; suspicion and an explicit Islamic threat are to be expressed towards the enemy; Muslims must give a forceful, bold and threatening response when the enemy threatens Islam's supporters and demand they refuse shelter to the leaders of Islam; stupidity must be feigned to gather exact intelligence about the enemy.
14) Operational agents from the enemy ranks are to be enticed into enlisting.One must pretend to be an infidel to create accessibility to candidates for targeted killings.
15) Intimidation should be employed: "Islam wins through intimidating a distant enemy before he reaches the area of conflict."
16) Propaganda and the communications media advance war and march at its side, and should be employed.
17) Influential agents should be recruited to demoralize and discourage the enemy,creating as sense of defeatism in his ranks.
18) A policy of seduction and persuasion should be employed, for when the Islamic state is besieged, the enemy coalition must be tempted with material benefits. That will destroy unity in the ranks. When it is likely that the Islamic army will win, the Islamic leader may renege on his promises. Doubt, mistrust and suspicion are to be created among the enemies of Islam and disinformation is to be spread throughout his coalition. Thus Allah creates strife between the enemies of Islam.

The Fourth Stage (Macro-Power): Conquer the Enemy Strongholds and Spread: the Da'wah (missionary work) through Force:

1) Grow stronger and arm for deterrence to inflict terror and influence the political level. The Messenger said: "I was made victorious through the intimidation of the enemy, one month's journey distance away from me." Politics are applicable only
when there is sufficient power. Gaining strength and deterrence through the threat of arms enables Muslims to present their ideas and prepare the people's hearts, as they rarely listen to someone without power. Power is useful in an ideological dialogue
with the enemy and in the political arena. The Islamic movement's greatest asset is displaying its force, forcing its enemies to enter into a dialogue and acknowledge its existence. 
2) Political jihadיis to be waged in the service of da'wah, aided by Islam's reputation for deterrence.Political jihad is a function of military power. Its objective is to make the enemy surrender without a fight to ensure his own safety, thus he will not
find it unusual or humiliating to accept Islam. Injudicious use of force, however, may result in the desire for revenge.
3) Non-military preparations should be made in a show of power.It is not always necessary to conduct a raid. It can be merely a show of force. that despite its character(brinksmanship) may meet with military resistance, due to the need for political
advancement in a new direction. The enemy's leader is to be presented with Islamic force in a way that will make him think it is invincible. The Muslims, while small in number, gamble and challenge an enemy with superior numbers. The enemy surrenders the chance to win and becomes weaker as he understands that entering into a conflict would be useless.
4) Prepare several alternative bases and places of reserves for forces132 when military force is to be used to coerce non-Muslims into converting.The da'wah operates in the political arena side by side with military tactics.
5) Strive for confrontation, reputation and deterrence, and use force when punishing the enemy. If Muslims do not confront an enemy and take revenge when an ally is murdered, it might motivate others to raid the Islamic state. Force is to be used to take hostages, shocking and weakening the enemy and strengthening Muslim morale. When the enemy's commander does not fight, two thirds of the enemy are neutralized.
Often the purpose of intimidation (irhab - fear-terror) through force is not to kill but rather to destroy enemy opposition. The Islamic movement needs deterrent power to realize its objective of preventing the enemy from preparing for war. Acquiring deterrent force does not mean becoming a homicidal gang, but by using the threat of power it can conquer stubborn souls and deter inherent hostility. In most cases, defeating the enemy entails defeating its leadership, thus ending the war. In addition to deterrent force (alkuwa alradia’h), the Islamic movement must pose an equally powerful effective force (alkuwa almucafiah).
6) Force should be used deliberately to raise the morale of the Muslim army .
7) Islamic terrorist groups are to be employed in the aid of politics.135 The so-called "war of the oppressed" or the "gang wars" (harb ali’sabat or harb almustaza’feen) begin with an aggressive Islamic force operating in the service of Muslims, changing the balance of power in their favor. Their actions affect the significance and results of international contracts. The force must strike the enemy's men, steal its goods and disable its economy.
8) Use terrorist groups from within a country bordering on the infidel state against civilian or military enemy targets to defeat the infidels. If the enemy does not sense a threat to his life, existence and safety, the Islamic revolution will be eroded and
eliminated to the last of its men. Islamic revolutionaries have the right to break the back of the enemy, drive him out and weaken him and his resistance. That is to be done whether the targets are civilian or military, as the goal of the revolution is to drive out oppression and persecution, and the oppressors will continue to oppress if they are not killed and their lives, possessions and security are not destroyed.
9) Act according to operational models when attacking the enemy,138 since often an attack is a powerful means of self-defense. A successful military and political operation intimidates the enemy (irhab) and prevents it from considering a military
attack on Islam.
10) Use psychological warfare to intimidate the enemy.139 An Islamic raid is more like psychological warfare than an organized war. Its objective is to terrorize the enemy's ranks and avenge Islam's previous losses. That is achieved once the enemy flees and fortifies himself, and does not dare enter into a confrontation. Psychological warfare has more far-reaching aspects, such as attacking near enemy bases and strongholds.The goal is clear as proximity to the enemy will make him fear the Muslim looking
for him. The enemy's fear causes him to sense the danger of Muslims in the area. Psychological warfare expresses determination to fight for the Islamic mission through jihad, despite the enemy's superior force and the possibility the Muslims will panic.
11) Mislead the enemy. He can be deceived to neutralize his weapons and kill him.Concealment, pretense and deception (ta’miya wataghreer) can be employed.
12) Gradually implement the enemy's conversion to Islam. There is a difference between negotiations when creating the Islamic State and when Islam is equal and has power. A ceasefire agreement (hudna) can be reached (and broken).It is meant to
neutralize adversaries and be used against a common enemy. Politically, the Islamic leadership announces its wish to refrain from war and calls for calm (mahudna). The enemy must hear a statement his people can understand, and the main message is that the Muslims do not want war for its own sake, only for the good of Islam. A ceasefire agreement with infidels made at this stage contains an inherent acknowledgment of the Islamic state. The muhadana gives the Muslims the breathing space required for Islam to burst forth without opposition or conflict. Political acknowledgment and deterrent military ability tip the scales in favor of Islam and Muslims. This optimal state of security is the time to convene Muslims from their shelters as reserve forces
The infidels are to be subjected to Islam through the jizya, which is enough to end the war and stop the bloodshed.

[Source: Muneer Al-Ghadban (1989), Al-Manhaj Al-Haraki lial-Sira Al-Nabawiyya, Maktab Al-Manar, AlUrdun-Zarka,fifth edition]

Scource:The Concept of Deterrence in Arab and
Muslim Thought:The Various Approaches of the Muslim
Brotherhood Project Prepared by the Institute for Policy and Strategy for the U.S. Department of Defense/ Office of Net Assessment Contract no. HQ0034-09-D-3006.

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